Getting Back to Normal – An Invitation

Summer is ending and life is getting back to normal.  That’s a statement I could have made a few years ago and you would know I was referring to kids going back to school and the pace of life picking back up after the lazy summer.  

Making the same statement now forces us to pose the question, ‘what IS normal?’ 

For those of us who love the ebb and flow of the seasons and the natural cycle of school starting, the holidays, summer vacations, and such, it’s tough to get much purchase on the pathway to normal these days. Sometimes it seems as if so many of the things in our lives and society that have signaled safety and stability are no longer so stable or secure.  

Finding a New Normal

The public health, political, and environmental institutions we took for granted are no longer the stable foundations they once were. For the first time in my life, I’ve found myself wondering if I would choose to have kids in today’s world. 

So yes, things feel tenuous in a lot of ways these days, but to me, they also feel hopeful – maybe even a little energized. There are days I just want to stick my head in the sand and pretend life is rainbows and butterflies, in general, though, I feel distinct energy in myself, in my community, and in many online communities.  We’ve just entered the Age of Aquarius – a time during which we are likely to see shifts from a materialistic culture to a more spiritual culture conducive to wellbeing for everyone. 

I can feel the shift. If I can feel it, so can you if you pay attention.  

What does all that have to do with getting back to normal? Well, the point is that I don’t think the old normal will be the new normal. I think things are moving – with more intention behind them than ever – to a place that’s more focused on authenticity, compassion, creativity, and connection to spirit.  I think people are beginning to recognize that life is precious and spending 80% of our waking moments chasing the dollar or the deal only feels good for so long.  

Nevertheless, I don’t think that’s all of it. I feel like we’re at the beginning of a movement to figure out how to make some massive changes in the way we treat our environment and how we treat one another. 

Do I know what the new normal will be? Nope. There are so many variables we can’t control. 

What I do know, though, is that those of us working in the wellness realm and those of us seeking wellness information and services are an enormous group in number and in collective energy.  We need to use our businesses, our social media platforms, our community groups – whatever we have at our disposal to expand our numbers – then we need to put some intentionality behind creating that new, healthier, happier normal. 

Challenges Issued

So, I’m issuing two challenges.  I know many of you are crazy busy, so this can be done almost anywhere – any time.  

Manifestation is real – we create what we put our attention on and intention behind. The next time you’re on your commute, or mowing the lawn, or doing the dishes, or sitting in meditation, allow your mind to wander to your vision of what a better normal would look like. And go to town – don’t throttle your ideas. If you like it, put it out there!   

  • A society that values our elderly – check
  • A society that offers full equality for all – check
  • Free healthcare – of course
  • Unlimited Ben and Jerrys…
  • Whatever you feel in your heart would make for a better, safer, more fair, more loving, new normal

The point is not so much the specific things you’re envisioning. The point is that when we put our energy into the space of what makes things better – what raises the vibration – regardless of the specific ask, the energy and the intent are out there. 

The more we can flood the ethers with this type of energy, the faster change will occur. 

Do this once – five times, ten times, every day – whatever works for you.  

If you choose to take this on as a regular practice – meaning at least a few times a week – I challenge you to pay attention to how your life changes. Notice the new opportunities that show up – the new people you meet – the general way you approach day-to-day life.  

Putting out this much positive energy this frequently may bring some very pleasant surprises. By genuinely wanting better situations for others – puts compassion and love energy out there – energy that is likely to return to you in some form or another. 

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