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Moxxie is a resource for integrating the tarot into your life...

and when you integrate the tarot into your life, life changes.

What I Offer

This fun course teaches you how to calculate your tarot birth card using a simple numerology equation. Then the fun begins because you’re going to learn all about your personal birth card, common traits of people with that card, strengths, weaknesses, career possibilities, and more

Classes - Master the Basics or Take a Deep Dive

Whether you're interested in learning the foundations of the traditional tarot or tools and techniques for personal growth using your favorite deck, there's something for everyone.

Learn Tarot with Moxxie Podcast

A full basic tarot curriculum, sample readings, new ways to use the tarot, and random philisophical musings from me.

Blog and FREE Resources

Not a podcast person? Some of the podcast episodes have been modified and posted as blog posts. Free printable resources are also available on the Tarot Resources page.

You'll Learn...

Card Meanings

Card meanings are very personal and an experienced tarot reader may have several ways of interpreting any given card. Learning the standard or traditional card meanings is not a requirement to use the tarot intuitively but it does result in a richer, more in-depth reading.

Spreads and Readings

Should you use spreads or should you free-wheel your reading? That completely depends on you and your situation. Learn about both approaches and make up your own mind.

Personal Exploration Techniques

The tarot is an amazing tool for digging into our own stuff if we're willing to do the work. Learn both traditional and non-traditional ways of using the tarot.

How to tap into your Intuition

The more in-touch we are with our intuition, the more life seems to flow. Get hints, tips, and exercises for improving yours.