Get the Support You Need to Get That Course Published

If you already have the content knowledge you want to share with others, you’re 75% of the way to creating your course. The rest is about best practices, organization, outlining, editing, and other production tasks and that’s where I come in.

I’ve developed training programs ranging from two-hour digital workshops to 720-hour medical assisting training programs and loved every minute of it.

If you’re overwhelmed, frustrated, or just downright pissed off about this whole virtual training thing, let me help!


  1. COURSE AUDIT – Detailed report outlining suggestions for improving your current course including user experience, effective delivery of content, visual appeal, course structure and order, etc.
  2. COURSE AUDIT & EDIT – Detailed report outlining the state of your course and a virtual meeting to discuss and agree upon changes, and discuss the best way to implement those changes. We work together to identify the most appropriate person, service, or team to complete the tasks. Many course developers are able to take the reigns following this level of support.
  3. COURSE CREATION COACHING – We work together to develop and create a course customized to your niche and client base. This highly customizable service level is designed for anyone who wants to create a new course but has no idea where to begin. Together, we will work through the process from inspiration to creation to publication.
  4. GHOST WRITING – If you struggle to make yourself understood – or just plain hate the writing process, we can work together to take your ideas, inspiration, and content to the next level and finally get that course launched.

Satisfied Clients

There are few people [like Michele] who can take someone else’s ideas, intention, and direction, and speak to it in your voice – and give it the flow students need.

~ Vicki Barid, Intuitive and Coach