For Yourself and for Others

The tarot has been a largely untapped resource for personal growth and development. Certainly, there are those who have shared their wisdom about the tarot through their books, courses, and lectures – and those like me – who have taken up the torch.

Most people, though, have yet to look beyond the stereotypes about the tarot to see what a treasure trove of insight it can provide.

I invite you to join me on your own journey to new personal insights and a better understanding of what makes you…well….you!

Moxxie offers a variety of courses and resources to meet your needs regardless of your motivation for learning the tarot.

You can hop into the course flow at the most appropriate point for you, whether you have never picked up a deck in your life or have tried learning the tarot in the past, only to walk away bored with rote learning or frustrated that it was taking so long.

Tarot Testimonials

. You completely gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. And I’d like you to know that … I definitely think this reading resonated with me – it wasn’t too vague but helpful to know that I need to get out of my bubble and take a more active approach to meeting people/making my everyday more interesting/engaging. The reading led me to reflect upon how I’ve been allowing myself to passively wait for something to happen – for someone to come find me, instead of me taking the initiative to live more. 

~ Ellie, USA

The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!

~ Tatiana, USA

I think you hit so many things right on the head. With the devil card, something is definitely keeping me at my job because I am getting something out of it. I feel like the reason is because it is a very stable and boring job, which I am enjoying now. I know I should look elsewhere so I can grow but I am enjoying just doing nothing at my current job. I think that is why I am feeling so trapped.

~ Audrey, USA

The reading was excellent in the format that was sent and by the extra insight given by drawing the 4th card really helped pull it all together. I really valued the summary that Michelle gave at the end too. 

~ Paula, UK

I really liked that you sent the reading as an MP3 file. Its almost like listening to it live. I was also able hear the raw interpretation that you read immediately after you picked up the cards. I also loved your energy while reading the cards. So calm yet lively. I’m sorry I’m unable to say the right word( English isn’t my first language). It was just fun listening to you.

~ Haru, Japan

The reading was helpful for future decisions and how I will look at things going forward try to journal and meditate.

~ Lizbeth, USA

“My goodness! At first I was apprehensive to open the reading althought I was excited at the same time…It was like reading a story of my life in a nutshell when I did read.”

~Toni, New Zealand

“I have full faith in tarot and I will take this guidance and work upon it.  I will keep my eyes and ears open and will activate my network to search for opportunities.  You are right that it may not be as easy, as I have been with this organization for 8 years now.”

~Simi, Nigeria

 liked your story – putting together all the cards so they talk a story of my life. It makes sense and is very helpful in understanding all the cards. Just the last card the empress was missing in the story, which I find pivotal. I think I´m stuck in this last card with relationship with my mum. I would probably like to know more about this. 

~ Lubica, Slovakia